The Albensis Belua, or Teyr Ioang (Na'ring: "The white monster") is a huge wolf with horns on its head and the body shape of a bear-wolf hybrid. They are living in the rainforest of Nysdra but some of them had been found near the steppes in the south of Nysdra.

Albensis Belua
Height: up to 2 meters
Length: 3 to 4 meters
Markings: Horns and white fur

Through a genetical mistake in its DNA, which evolved over thousands of years, its fur is bright white. The species only survived over such a long time, because it has no natural enemies. Neither in the rainforest, as in the steppes or anywhere other on Nakti.

The Albensis Belua is 3 to 4 meters long and can reach up to 2 meters in height. Its horns are growing out right besides the ears and are layed in a flat angle to the head. The horns are 50 to 80 centimeters and are used by the Na'ring riders to stay on the back of the animal, when it jumps and runs through the forest. Through its massive size, the Albensis Beluae have rather large territories and dont live in a pack.

When the uncommon case occurs, that a Na'ring finds such an animal, the Albensis Beluae obeys the warrior its life long, if the warrior defeats, or better, gets the animal under control just with his/her bare hands or in some cases with a loop.

There are currently only a few Albensis Beluae living in the Na'ring clan because of their rarity and many warriors died, as they tried to defeat the animal. To have a Teyr Ioang dont get you special rights or permissions in the clan, but the respect as a warrior from everyone, as you defeated the animal with your hands.

They are commonly used for war or for better and faster mobility in the forest. Mostly the second case, because of the rarity of wars.