The city-state of Ald'Hin is claimed by Deikan_Kalibran.


Ald'Hin is a city-state located in a vast expanse of swamp to the west of Abun and Issad. The waters in and around Ald'Hin are occupied by a vicious race of fish, the Althin (From whom Ald'Hin has derived its name). Aldite culture holds intellectualism in the highest regard, and the city-state is home to many inventors, artists, madmen, and entrepreneurs.

For a relatively small nation, Ald'Hin possesses considerable military might. The army of Ald'Hin is separated into two parts, the local guard (Known as the Leth'Alt), and a valuable mercenary force to represent Ald'Hin abroad (known as the Ser'Alt)