The Eyes and Ears of the Queen (E.E.Q) is a secretive network of spies and assassins that safe-guard the royal family's closest guarded secrets as well as protect the Kingdom of Abun from foreign enemies. They operate out of one of the chambers under the Abunese royal palace, there activities always kept secret from everyone except relevant E.E.Q members and the royal family. While everyone living in Abun know that the E.E.Q exist, they do not know what the do or how they operate.

Line of work:

The E.E.Q's work usually involves agents dressing and living among the population, unseen or unnoticed, watching and listening to everything and everyone around them to report to their contacts from the royal headquarters. They could be dancers, merchants, members of the temple or the occasional street beggar willing to tell what he or she has heard or seen for a bit of coin. The E.E.Q agents use a wide verity of exotic tools and weapons to help them perform their jobs more effectively. Their tools and weapons are so exotic that most people mistake them for magic.