Each page on the Nakti wiki has a status on top of it. What do these mean, and how can you help?


Every newly created page should be put in the Stub category and labeled with the Stub template. Don't worry, the admins will do that for you if you're unsure about it c: Until a page has a reasonable amount of information listed on it, it will be a stub.

In Progress

Work in progress

When a page starts gaining some more content, it will be put under this status. It should be removed from the Stub category and added to the WIP category. Until the creators are sure the page is finished, it will keep this status.

Under Review

Under review

Once the creators consider a page finished, they can put it up for review to the four lorekeepers: NavarchusZepto, Meisteranker, X_Joshi_X and MrCharrio. We will carefully read your page, run one last spell check, but most importantly, cross reference your information with everything that's currently finished. We will point out inconsistencies in the canon (relax, won't happen much c:)

Finished work


Pages that are considered canon are put under the Finished Work status, and removed from the Review category.