Capital Tilat
Language Tilatian
Currency Coral Coins
Form of Government Confederacy


The tropical marshlands of Nakti. Covered by brackish marshes and sand dunes on the southern coastal flats and raising up to rolling hills and savannas on their norther boarder. The marshes are home to beautiful and deadly flora and fauna who evolved in this hot and humid land to live off the riches of nutrients the river’s silt deposits there. In the low, wide valleys of the northern regions the trees that drive there are said to never rot, even once cut and cured the timber remains as sturdy as the living tree once did. The dry savanna hill tops are dominated by trees with low and wide canopies, plunging the hills into near twilight during the day and impenetrable darkness at night. 



This land is home to an alliance of four sentient races dominated by the Ig’Ratia whom form the majority of the tribes involved in the loosely bonded confederacy that holds the nation together. They call the valleys and northern parts of the marshes home. 


The race that is to thank for Hat’Ny’s seafaring ventures and general success at it are the Charidos. A species well adjust to life beneath the waves and places along the shore, or with plentiful amounts of water for which they can rest their lungs and wet their gills.


Arcondians live in burrows in the dark savannas of northern Hat’Ny, they specialize in gem craft, jeweling, and advanced fire suppression practices. 


Lastly, but the second most plentiful, are the Buatians. A winged and feathered group that really only joined the confederacy out of interest, curiosity, and boredom. They are the scouts of the military, escorts for the numerous trade caravans and expeditions, and all around best messengers in the country.