Is'Urna is the capital of the Esemseru tribe , the main seat of their government and craftsmenship. The ultimate haven for all aspiring metalworkers and religious Esem, as well as the central hotspot for all young soldiers, Is'Urna blends culture and military themes to unprecedented degrees.  It is divided into four districts: three residential circles, and the temple's grounds, each functionally different.


Not much is factually known  other than that the founders picked a most strategical location: a steep mountain, multiple surrounding monoliths and various ravines in the vicinity make Is'Urna a difficult place to conquer.

Structure of the City

First Circle

Closest to the main gate, the First circle contains the Market district, houses the merchants and stores food and water. Goods produced in the higher circles flow down to be sold here, farmers bring in produce  to the food storages, traders drop by and set up shop on the marketplace. Daily life in this circle is busy and colorful, with many travellers passing by, soldiers running down the hill from the Second Circle to pick up shipments for the barracks, 

Second Circle

Barracks fill this circle, housing the town's garrison. and a number of artists. It is a generally uneventful place: people are either eating in the cantines, sleeping in their barracks, or passing through on their way to the first or third circle. This part of the town is intended as a defensive measure:to protect the temple in case someone would be foolish enough to attack it.  For this reason, this circle is directly connected to the outer walls by walkways, and has various inventive structures to trap and hinder any incoming force. Despite never having waged war, the Esemserai have come up with many measures of varying practicality, most of which are implemented in this circle.

Third Circle

The most open-air district, so to speak, the Third circle is home to the Is'Urnan melting and smithing ovens, training grounds and the head temple. A very lively place, with craftsmen and soldiers alike doing their daily business, working the ovens or training.

Temple Grounds

Goods and Services