Capital Hyaghar
Language Issadi
Currency Copper coins and metal ingots
Form of Government Theocracy

Issad is a large nation located north of Nakti's equator. It is next to Abun, Tin-Ris, and Zoniza. Issad is most well known for its extensive mining industry, with precious metals and stones forming the backbone of the nation's economy.


Issad is a highly organized culture with rigid social standards. Law is dictated by a King (or very rarely, a queen), who is appointed by the High Priests of Issad. The King can be an Issadite citizen, but is more often appointed from amongst the priesthood. Issadite culture places immense value on being esoteric and proper. Thus, the most highly regarded members of society (after priests) are Scholars and Soldiers (two occupations that often overlap).