Capital Istramiir
Language W.I.P.
Currency W.I.P.
Form of Government Plutocracy

Istris is a tribal nation in Southwestern Centrailia


Istris has long been known as a country with no people; a land that is untamed and lush with flora and fauna. The lands inhabitants however have a much different viewpoint on the nation.

The Ailurade, the native people of Istris, were once a rapidly developing empire: building new cities, developing new ways to hunt, and expressing themselves through various forms of art. However, the nation became to prosperous for its own good. Overpopulation served as a catalyst to a disease that spread over the nation crippling the development of its people.

Without a proper understanding of medicine the Ailurade were cared relentlessly for the sick exposing themselves to the disease. Eventually the cities were abandoned and tribes were formed as a measure to prevent exposure between the healthy and sick. The Istrians lived like this for many generations until an immunity was built up to the plague, and the disease died out.

With its people devastated and progress at a halt Istris's people were caught in a brutal conflict for survival. The great cities were abandoned, and tribes fought against each other for superiority. These clashes continued until The Alebian's crossed into the country claiming the territory as there own. Though reluctant the Ailurade joined sides to fight their superior foes and they won.


Istris' main exports are its advanced ships, salt, and pearls.

Another of Istris' exports is Re'ttar lumber, a light, waterproof wood that Istrasian ships are made of.


The population is heavily southern based, dominated by Veecha Tuhe. The majority are sailors, fishermen, and pearl hunters