Organized Land of Jel

Capital W.I.P.
Language W.I.P.
Currency W.I.P.
Form of Government W.I.P.


Jel, officially known as the Organized Land of Jel, is a one of the countries on the planet Nakti.


Jel (pronounced J-all) can trace it's name to that of the Jel Tribe.


Jel is hilly with thick patches of forest, prairies and bare mountains jutting up from the hills.

A small area but thick with many areas of wild thickets and forrest.



Skree-Gore: The Skree-Gore do not have a traditional government, they have Blood Shamans who direct the clans.

Once every seven years they gather for a giant moot, the strongest compete and the tribe with the strongest warriors guide or direct the clans for that seven years.


Skree-Gore: Skree-Gore have a elaborate economy based on labor and trade. One can trade building a bow for a few pelts or amber. Amber is one of the more highly prized trade items, the scent and color is a favorite. The Skree-Gore can trade with other tribes, they have to deem them intelligent and strong to trade. Most tribes just get devoured before any such option may occur.



Jel is home to 7 Tribes that are further divided into clans.

Aradatris (Are-ad-a-tricks):

Jel (J-all):

Jel Shynn (J-all-She-n):

P'Itfmone (P-If-mon):

Viox Iktu (Vee-z-Eek-two):

Xar (Zar):



In Kirek, the most spoken language in the country, when one presents their tribe, they say "I ek mak Aradatris moktwon (I am from the Aradatris Tribe). To present their clan they say "I ek mak moktwon on-Sif (I am from the Sif Clan).

The Skree-Gore do not speak a traditional language, they use scents and body posture as well as a plethora of paw signs. Most tribes think them stupid beasts but they are far from stupid, they are just as smart as any person just their tribal makeup uses more primal methods of communication.