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The Lapis Lotus, or Binusanu,   is an intensely poisonous flower found in very specific groves in Nysdra and the least barren regions of the Land of Dread .

Lapis Lotus

(Land of Dread Flora)
Genus Loti
Usage Poison, medicine


The Lapis Lotus is tinted a dark blue, with numerous goldlike spots all over. It's head is rather large, growing between 1-2 palms in size, and is distinctively triparted: three stamen, three petals on every layer. Able to survive both on land and in water, it nonetheless requires very specific circumstances, seemingly chemical in nature. The leaves are uniquely segmented, adapted to both living on land and in water.

Lapis Lotus

Botanical drawing of a Lapis Lotus.

The intriguing thing about this flower is that it contains both a strong poison and a very effective medicine. Expert Masqutu alchemists have figured out a mixture that neutralizes the poison if the lotus is exposed to it early during its growth, but the timeframe for this procedure is slim, likely to kill the flower, and finding the young loti is a challenge in and of itself. The water-based loti are impossible to perform the procedure on

Currently, even skilled alchemists can't guarantee it will work. The process lightens the colours of the leaves at their base, but this is no sign of an effective detoxification.

Once rendered safe, the flower is aptly referred to as the Lazuli Lotus, and used in the treatment of The Thundering Rock Fever and other respiratory ilnesses.


The Lapis Lotus's poison doesn't kill people in and of itself, only forcing them into a prolonged period of unconsciousness. During this period, the victim can't eat, drink or defend themself, which often proves fatal. Should they be force-fed and kept safe, waking up is to be expected within a couple of weeks. The sanity of a woken up victim cannot be guaranteed. 


Called "Swok ean" (holy blue) by the Na'rings and used for initial ceremony.