Capital Danrhat
Language Sen'Naan
Currency Tah'Kras
Form of Government Constitutional Monarchy

Nel is one of the countries of planet Nakti. Located in the central region of the planet. Nel is considered by outsiders to be uninhabitable due to it's arid heat and unforgiving deserts. As a result, the Lunaan who live in Nel are considered to be an anomaly.

Nel's capital is the Ancient City of Danrhat, founded by the Lunaan's predecessors, who to this day are still unknown. Danrhat is home of the Royal Family of King Auronaan the 5th and his family. The King Rules over Nel with the help of his Queen, Cosen, and the Royal Ministry.

The Royal Ministry is comprised of Priests of "the Old Religion" Mektra Daan, and several elected nobles and elders from the country's cities and villages. At the Royal Ministry, with the guidance of the King and Queen, the government deals with problems the country's residence may be facing.

Nel is considered to be the leading country in Astrology, Astronomy, Literature, Lore, and Mathematics. The Great Library of Rea'Laal, is said to house an infinite selection of books and records, most of which is written in the Lunaan language, Sen'Naan. An elegant and flowing language, "Who's words have been written by the moon and the sun."