The Oai are a domesticated Ungulates that are commonly used as livestock on many farms across the Risel peninsula, but are most commonly used on farms in the country of Nylus. They are the largest known domesticated animals in Nylus. Dispite the extreme size, they are usually docile creatures. Weighing an average of the equivalent of 2400 lb (1088 kg) they move around slowly and expend a lot of energy to do so. Oai have an average life span of 60 years, a strong Oai that's well cared for, can live as long as 85 years.

Gender Diamorphisum:


Male Oai posses a long, prehensile trunk that hangs from the front of their faces, often used to either grab things, or maintain their balance as they walk. They have short tails, with a round shaped growth at the end of it. Large and physically stronger Oai are prized for their seed; which is ideal for selective breeding. But some Oai are worth more once they become to old to stand anymore.


Female Oai are highly prized for their milk. The moment they reach adolescence (about 3 years old), one female Oai can produce milk up into 30 gallons of milk, housed inside a large sac hanging beneath the Oai's stomach. This has the draw back of female Oai needing to eat twice their weight in food. They have short tails, with a cube shaped growth at the end of it.

Tradition of re-purposing:

When a Oai reaches the end of its life, it's not allowed to let the creatures various body parts to go to waste. While a single Oai can provide vast amounts of meat, bones are also sought after to convert into various tools. Nylusan crafters and artisans have come up with a large amount of ways to use Oai bones. Some examples include a contraption made for weaving fabrics made up of a series of rib bones. Shoves, rakes and tills made of shin bones. The most popular is the various, uniquely designed swords and daggers made of out Oai's enormous thigh bones. Since Oai thigh bones are extremely difficult to break and almost impossible to carve, only a small select group of swords smiths know the secret of how to craft the bone blades.