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The Esemserai Race

Race name
AS increase +2STR, +1CON
Age 5-20-80
Size 5-7tf
Speed 30ft
Alignment L, Generally N

Tradtional Hulmi

"Gathered around the barren rock they called altar, the family of the child held their breath as the priest revealed his ragged, ceremonial saw. The youngling sat down on one end, his father on the other, holding hands as the saw struck the juvenile horn... The morning breeze carried away much of the dust, landing some of it in my associate's face, much to his dismay.. Before long, the horn broke off, falling inbetween the young Esem's legs. He had but a moment to examine it before the priest returned with his hammer, taking the horn and crushing it under the tool's iron, right between the father and child. With the ceremony complete,  and the child's left horn's stump resembling his father's, the family partook in song and dance, freely sharing Lotus wine with the new adolescent and any bystander, ourselves included..." (M'rafiq Asalani , travelling records IV)

The Esemserai are a reptilian race descendant from the Hulmittu, horned and scaled. Many of them are missing one or both of their horns, a cultural tradition of sorts. Seemingly the closest to their ancestors, they wear that banner proudly, training their bodies to most athletic heights through training, farming, metalworking and other physical activities.


The Esem reach biological adulthood around 25, living past 80 in rare circumstances. Traditionally, they are regarded as adolescents from the age of 5 onwards, with adulthood not tied to an age, but to the moment they pass the appropriate trials (usually around 20, but has been observed as early and late as 15 and 30).


The Esem are tough and large lizards, growing inbetween 5-7ft in size. They grow at a fairy slow rate as well, reaching their full size by the age of 30.


The Esemserai tend to neutrality, with a definite lawful overtone. Evil is firmly looked down upon by the tribe, but dealt with in ways many others would consider equally vile and barbaric. 


Through their training and disciplined lifestyle, starting at the age of 5, Esemserai have gained an Unyielding spirit and are able to perform a Calculated Slash. As they progress to adulthood, they spend a good month in the tempe of their choice, Pick one of the following; Hiran's Spirit, Zorek's Spirit , Ran-Zhur's Spirit