Naktian rpg table3
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The Nikiltai Race

AS increase +2 INT, +1 DEX
Age x
Size x-3-5ft
Speed 30

Neo-Hulmi, New-Hulmi,

Impressed Hulmi, Expressed Hulmi,  Esoteric Hulmi, dialects of each

The Nikiltai are snakelike anthropods with horns  Their skins have distinguished patterns compared to the other Hulmittu, some patterns being a source of great pride and envy. They are spiked, though do often have horns as well. 


Nilitai are known to become over a hundred years old. The exact maximum is uncertain, as they inevitably end up suffering from progressive brain degeneration. Losing their cognitive functions then results in loss of social status, loss of support, and eventual starvation. This genetical illness oftentimes shows up around their 80th year and not after the 100th. Due to this, age is of no real importance in their society, adulthood being exclusively based in skill and effort.


Their size varies greatly, with some Nikiltai never outgrowing the size of a child, the tallest reaching up to 5 feet.


Niklitans tend to the chaotic side, both evil or good. They care more for originality than for the morals behind their actions. 


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