A short introduction

This is a short introduction of the race. It states their homeland, the kind of race (hybrid or not), if they are mammal, warm or cold blooded etc. Basically the basic characteristics of the race are listed here. A picture depicting an example of someone belonging to that race is required.

The origins of the race

In this section, the origins of the race are described in a detailed way. How they originated, where, what caused their evolution to the race we know nowadays.

Genetic Characteristics

In this section the genetic characteristics of the race are described, including their abilities and drawbacks.

Sexual Characteristics (optional)

This section must ALWAYS lead to another page which describes the sexual characteristics of a race, their sexual habits and anatomical characteristics of their genitalia. If they have a particular attitude during the sexual act, due to their race, it must be mentioned too.

Notable people of a race (optional)

In this section you can mention and add hyperlinks to some notable living or deceased Naktians who belong to a particular race.