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Monotheistic religions


The religion of the Bone-Talkers. The church is built around the belief that the dead are the givers of life. Life may die but is laid to rest and feeds the world. Everywhere there is life there is death and the gift it brings. The only god is one representing life and death, She is a beautiful white furred figure bearing an infant corpse.

The church is lead by a group of elders in the local area, they are chosen by means of writing and performing a song to the dead. The most beautiful and sorrowful that moves the crowd are chosen. The idea is to find the most poetic and respectful elders to lead the church. The elders will lead till their passing. Able to issue orders and commands to the priests and deacons, who follow orders with respect and grace.

Priests lead prayers and songs for the dead as well as sermons for the families living in the areas. Taking a active interest in the lives of the flock priests are usually quite well known and deal with family issues and squabbles.

Polytheistic religions