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The "Scout Otter" is a family of otters and beavers who are quite common on Planet Nakti. The family is splitted in two different categories who are related to eachother in their origins and their genetical traits. These are the Scout Otters and the Nettle Beavers.
1429572224.mrsparta otters

Scout otter (above) Nettle beaver (below)

The Scout Otter

A scout otter is an aquatic ocean mammal native to Natki. They grow up to 3 to 4 feet long. It has gills, but has the ability to store water in its fine layer of blubber to keep oxygen while on land, which it can do for an hour or so before returning to the sea. As their name implies, scout otters are quick, achieving a top speed of 35mph. In addition, they hunt in packs to attack big prey.

The Nettle Beaver

The Nettle Beaver is different in a few ways. First of all, it's slow and heavy. They have lungs like land mammals, therefore they must surface every 1-2 hours and they are typically loners. But the differences get more interesting when taking account the entangled spines along its body. Nettle beavers produce a tranquilizer that effects the brain, or, in other words, a neurotoxin.

Coming in contact with any of the spines will result in having the toxin absorbed through the victim's skin. When exposed, the victim's motor skills will be hindered for a period of time, similar to sleep paralysis. In addition, conscious thinking will be greatly limited, resulting in a trance. Beyond it's toxins, the Nettle beaver's spines also make great homes for various creatures who are unaffected by them. Some coastal civilization and tribes use the Nettle Beaver's venom to make lethal weapons.