The Banbirru tribe is one of the six main tribes in the Land of Dread. The only prevalent species with furred skins, they mainly live in the northern regions.


The only furred tribe of the Dread, the Banbirru are canine hunter--gatherer



The Banbirru do not bury their dead, nor to they feel any connection to the body. The body is left out in the open, where relatives hold the last rites. The reasons for this, is clear: “We take so much from nature, it's only polite to give something back, instead of hiding it underground” (Banbirru hunter, Traveling records V,M'rafiq Asalani). The last rites involve stuffing the maw with crushed flowers, and herbs, to attract more insects to the rotting flesh and speed up the process.

Crime and Punishment

The main way of dealing with problems is a duel between a representative of each party in the tribe. Nonlethal weapons are used, such as sticks and whips. Theft is a marginal problem, and not punished with much more than loss of respect and status. The true wretches are, however, forcibly infected with Qarabu, wherein the infection is intentionally botched, so as to make it as much as an obstruction for the infected as possible.

Views on other tribes

Esemserans are dangerously unnatural, with their fire and furnaces. Don't expect them to understand the subtleties of life.