The people of the Dread have often been rather creative in defending their lives, something they had little choice in. This page lists all weapons currently discovered by historians and adventurers.

Weapons of the Dread

Blade of the Perennial Wave

Blade of the Perennial Wave

The Blade of the Perennial Wave

An unique historical blade belonging to the fifth Esemseran General, Ran-Zhur the Foremost. The first iron sword to attain legendary status in Esemseran folklore, it has been looked after by the High Priests since his passing.

The blade has a couple unique aspects: Three handles instead of one, as well as two extra ones on the blade itself, necessitated a rather unique fighting style, Ran supposedly used the extra handles to quickly and fluently change the blade's direction, swirling it around like a whirlpool. Another detail is the lack of a sharp end, instead ending in a double hook, wich is further evidence this weapon was intended to be swung, not thrusted. As such, the sword's unique style mirrors those of waves and whirlpools.

The most unusual aspect is it's bluegreen appearance. How exactly Ran-Zhur managed to dye this blade, is a secret he took to his grave. In any case, it suits the sword's aquatic theme. Given how the previous general, Zorek the Unyielding, died by drowning, this may have been intentional; at least two Esemseran scribes have referred to it as Zorek's Bane, and legend has it the sword was tempered with water from the very lake Zorek found his timely demise in.

Esemseran Hook Swords

Hook sword

An Esemseran Hook Sword.

Often wielded in pairs, these swords are used by the Esemseran border scouts, city guards and farmers alike. Originally copper, then bronze, they have been forged out of iron ever since Ran-Zhur's reformation. With their affinity for powerful slashes, the small hook on the end gives each slash an extra little push, as things the main blade slid over are grabbed and further damaged by the hook.

The hooks are big enough to get stuck when struck at the right angle, yet nimble enough to be pulled free without real effort. These are used both in and out of combat, the many blades being used to skin animals, chop down small trees, catching hold of smooth armour, trapping the opponent's blade, et cetera. Reasons enough to assume every self-respecting Esemseran has at least one of these laying around, oiled and well maintained.

Scroll Swords

Scroll sword

A short Scroll Sword.

Part of the official uniform of the Scrollkeepers, the Scroll Swords are mostly ceremonial by design, yet used as actual swords. More than half of the blade is hidden inside a large scroll, with useful information on it (not random, pointless words for decoration). Depending on the Scrollkeeper's personal preference, these swords are dual wielded, stuck together into double swords, dual wielded as double swords, et cetera, basically anything they can come up with. The weapon's impractical look is telling of it's Nikiltan heritage.