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What exactly is Nakti?

Nakti is a fictional, community built planet populated by anthros. The aim of this project is to create the first furry fantasy universe entirely developed by the community. The development of Nakti is open to anybody who wants to contribute with artworks, stories, articles, animations, music, poems, games or anything else.Just keep in mind that the population of Nakti lives in a time period comparable with the pre-egyptian time period on Earth. The Laws of Physics in the Nakti Universe are the same as those within our universe. To find out more about Nakti's geography, click on the link below:

General Geographic Information

How to contribute to the project?

Are you interested to join the Naktian Dream Team, the team that works on the development of Planet Nakti? The Dream Team is open to anyone who's creative and wants to expand the world with new things. Click on the link below to find out how to join us:

How to contribute to Nakti

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