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Tiamasu flat
Vital statistics
Position Queen of Tiatas
Age 37
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 44' 7"
Weight Unknown

Tiamasu is the Queen of Tiatas. She lives a life of luxury yet still considers herself equal with each member of the community.


Tiamasu was born with a defective gene, which caused her body to produce much more growth hormone than usual, and continue producing much later than most tialupines. This defective gene's effects is the reasoning behind her majestic scale.


Her appointed groomers make sure that her appearance is of top quality. Her stones are polished with clean water, and her back fur is left untrimmed, so that the groomers use a mixture of sap and water like hair gel, and use their fingers to comb the back fur up, giving the appearance of "wings".

Her body is adorned with above-adequate amounts of leather and dyed cotton, and wears a crown made out of sticks and brightly colored stones. She carries a large staff wherever she goes, made from an entire tree trunk. The staff stands at roughly 48 feet long, and is topped with the prized possession of the tialupines: the Tiatasian Titan.

(Tiamasu's voice is comparable to that of Danyka Nadeau)


Tiamasu is a very calm and peaceful person despite her powerful size. She speaks in a surprisingly smooth and motherly tone, and loves to help the community. She's also incredibly humble, insisting that her people don't need to worship her. Her love for everything seems to irradiate from her like an aura; if you've had a particularly bad day, being within her presence will help to calm you down. She is a very accepting individual as well, and is very easy to connect with on a personal level. Despite being of royalty, she keeps herself as an equal. This is why her only appointed members are groomers, as she does not need bodyguards, nor does she want them, but she is unable to groom herself at such quality.

Role in the Community

As the Queen, she is responsible for making final decisions when the community as a whole is involved. She also performs hallucinogenic rituals in a forest clearing, sitting atop what is known as a Rectable.

Outside of these ritualistic habits, she is in and of herself worshipped for her glorious appearance. She gracefully strolls through the region, watching for predators, and searching for people in need. If someone needs a lift, she can easily help them up and down. If a wheeled cart is particularly heavy, she will generally offer a ride on her shoulder and to carry the cart to its destination.