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Appearance Humanoid, hybrid between Wolves and Bears
Average Height Differs according to individuals
Weight Differs according to individuals
Facial Appearance Canid muzzle and features
Fur/Skin Colour Differs according to subraces
Bipedal/Feral Looks Bipedal, Plantigrade
Distribution Uncommon, mostly found Ty
Place of Origin Ty
Behaviour Humanoid

The dominant race in the country/region of Ty a Wolf/Bear (Canid/Ursus) Hybrid - being written by Naesaki though open to all


The Tynarr race is one of the more uncommon races on Nakti being generally confined the the country of Ty, their origins aren't clear though most have determined that they are most definitely native to this region but due to their hybrid traits the questions about them are only raised further.

They are a hybrid mamallian species and thus warm blooded and give birth , their main features are of a wolf but they posesses many characteristics and traits that would be very common in a bear.

Tynarr Origins

Despite the knowledge that they come from the Ty region, Historians and Archaeologists have yet to be able to determine their exact origins though it is agreeded they are descended from a pairing of wolf and bear but beyond that there is very little known about them due to their generally insular nature and keeping most of everything about themselves secret and hidden away to the point that not even regular citizens are aware and even the higher eschalons are mostly clueless.

Racial Characteristics

The Tynarr are a hybrid species, consisting of the union between a wolf and bear.

Males tend to stand on average at 6ft 5" and have very large, bulky and imposing physiques taking on more bear like physique while their general features are more wolf/canid when it comes to their ears, eyes, tails, muzzle, nose while they have more bear like hand and feet paws.

Females on average tend to stand at 6ft tall, their builds are much more slender and lithe and thus more agile compared to the more sturdy Males. However their general physical traits are more bear like when it comes to their eyes, ears, tails and muzzle and nose, though they have thick wolf like hand and feet paws.

Despite the different in their paw types both male and females have five fingers and five toes, the females have thicker paws and more tactile strength while the males more wolf like paws are more slender and agile, so in contrast to each other they are fairly equal due to the differences in their general physiques, however Males are more fine suited to dextrous tasks that require holding tools and weapons.

Not to say females will struggle with such fine tools, they just require more training but they are incredibly well suited to tasks that require the full strength of their hands.