Appearance Slightly short, usually well built and decently muscular.
Average Height 5'6" (1.6 meters)
Weight 135 lbs. (61.2 Kg)
Facial Appearance Chiseled and sculpted facial features, their vibrant coloration only adds to them being a very "beautiful" race.
Fur/Skin Colour Dark Red, Bright Gold, Grey, and Black.
Bipedal/Feral Looks Plantigrade, muscular and well built, this allows them to easily climb steep inclines and maneuver their way through their territory.
Distribution Most of them live volcanic and mountainous terrain up north, but there some villages distanced from the northern tribes.
Place of Origin Like the other two species that live in Aleban, they all lived in the middle of the country, but after a huge conflict between the species, the Polyxena decided to stay at Enthen, and the Zosimus and Xanthe left. Thus the land was split in three portions.

The Xanthe are lions that inhabit most of the mainlands and northern parts of Aleban, called Mons Igneus. Known for their fiery golden manes and eyes, along with their ability to easily traverse the mountainous terrain taking up a large part of the top of their territory.

Social Behaviour and Courtship

Social Behaviour

The Xanthe are a peaceful race, they only become a visceral hunter/killer when obtaining food. or when they feel the things they care about/love are in danger or threatened. Having many great works of music and literature among them, they're quite a peaceful, social, and collaborative bunch. Coexisting and growing as a race through their observations of the young world surrounding them. Like every other Alebanian race, are immensely interested in learning and teaching each other about the world around them.


Choosing a mate for the Xanthe is dependent on a few basic factors. Being known for their golden manes (Males) and eyes (Females), mates are chosen by which males have the brightest manes and which females have the brightest eyes. After a partner is chosen and a child born, heavy devotion begins, and a family is forged. Another interesting thing about the Xanthe is that they have a high tendency to find and stay with a mate who is of the same gender.

Prominent Xanthe Figures

Maestus Aurum (Pronounced; My-eh-stoos Ow-room)

The current president of Aleban, Maestus Aurum, is known for quite a few things. Firstly, he was born with a rare medical condition known to the Alebanians as "Amanti-Syndrome", where as he ages, his immaculate golden mane turns a grimy—almost rusty—shade of brown. His health isn't affected by this condition in any way, but some of the residents of this country see his pigment disorder as an omen of negative events yet to come. His great-great-great-great grandfather was the general's right hand man the Alebanian Civil War, one Captain Militem Aurum.